Friday, 16 April 2010

Time to get serious about horsemanship

Welcome to Martin, and that's with the French pronunciation OK (Martaine). He is four weeks old and his mum, Tilly, is supposedly 10. And here are two very interesting quotes from the lady who 'rescued' her from France nine months ago.

'They treat the horses really badly over there'.

'All of the seven horses we rescued have behaved perfectly since day one'.
I have to say Tilly is a joy to handle. Martin, on the other hand, is totally bonkers.


June said...


I was having a discussion with a friend of mine today who looks after some of our polo ponies over the winter. She's just taken a horse on loan and was saying that it took her an hour to pick out the horse's feet when she first arrived. It took her only a few minutes to pick out the feet of the 10 polo ponies she was looking after. Oops, maybe we treat our horses badly!

Tom said...

June - I will never forget your polo ponies. I think some people reading this post might have thought I was advocating 'brutal' horsemanship. Of course that's not what I meant. I was just trying to redress the balance back from sloppy new age rubbish, I'm not even going to call it horsemanship, that basically just does horses heads in. There is a middle path.

June said...

I agree. There is a middle path.

I happened to see a little bit of a new age clinic a few months back. OMG, it was like watching paint dry. The horses looked like they felt the same way!