Monday, 23 March 2009


So what are we all looking at?
OMG, who bought those?
Well, the thing is they are organic and they are pedigree!

Now all we need is Glenatron and Zorro
to come and round them up!


glenatron said...

Glenatron is right there, Zorro is still going through the "made decidedly nervous even by the smell of cows" phase. He just needs to meet a few and have a bit of a play with them I expect...

I have started vaguely looking at western saddles- no offence to the designer of my current one, but after five years of regular use it's not got quite the structure it once did and, well, a bit of window shopping never hurt anyone.

I guess you'll be needing to get up to speed on your cow work and roping just for the times when any of them need doctoring.

Tom said...

Ben, I strongly recommend that you get a copy of Dave Genadek's DVD on saddle fit. It's available on Amazon. It changed my life regards saddles. I have never looked back.

glenatron said...

Can't find it on this country's amazon and only pretty old on the other one, but I think I can probably get a copy direct from them, so I'll give that a shot.

zIggI said...

nice horns!

Abi Loves Winston!! said...

is that the mighty Winston I see peering over the wall!! :)